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Eligible projects/programmes  

Long-Term Athlete Development  

Funding to support the delivery of sports programmes affiliated with the Long-Term Athlete Development. 



  • Sports Training Camps

  • Sports Leagues and or Tournaments  

  • Education of Coaches and Officials  

  • Rental/Purchase of Sport Equipment  

  • Rental of sports facilities  


Who’s Eligible to Apply

Any registered entity in good standing with TCIG whose function or mandate is sport development; for example sports clubs and associations.  


Podium Excellence 

Funding to support the delivery of high-performance programmes.



  • Sports performance centre programming and services including sport science services

  • Training (including travel, meals, accommodation, and facility rental);

  • Competitions (including travel, meals, accommodation, facility rental, and competition fees);


Who’s Eligible to Apply

High-potential athletes who may enter the podium pathway on the recommendation from the National Sports Governing Body.


How to Apply

Sport Organizations:  

Submission of completed application form, accompanied by a project plan and estimated budget.   


Athletes (Applications for athletes 18 years old or younger will need to be submitted by a legal guardian):  

Submission of completed application form, proof of cost, a cover letter, and a recommendation letter from the relevant National Sport Governing Body 


Address all applications to the Athlete Development Fund, Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex, Down Town Providenciales. Applications may be submitted in person or by email to


Funding decisions

The Athlete Development Fund Committee will determine and prioritize investment strategies for sports associations, clubs and athletes in an effort to enhance sport development within the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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